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Tungsten Rhenium Thermocouple wire

Tungsten Rhenium Thermocouple wire
Product Detailed
Tungsten Rhenium Thermocouple wire : 1.High Temperature:3120-3360 C 2.High sensitivity 3.Acid-resisting 4.low price

High temperature Tungsten Rhenium Thermocouple wire

The wire used for making the thermocouple as well as other thermal products. The melting point can reach up to 3120-3360 Deg.

Tungsten Rhenium Wire:

The melting point of the tungsten rhenium alloy thermocouple wire is 3120~3360.The tungsten rhenium alloy thermocouple wire can be used reach up to the peak 3000,it can be used for making the most heat resistant metal thermocouple. It has high EMF,high sensitivity.It cant be dissolve in any isolated acid.The raw materials are abundant in China,and the price is cheap.


1.Name: WRe3-WRe25; WRe5-WRe262.Calibration: WRe3-25(Type D); WRe5/26(Type C)3.Product 

grades         pecification                             temperature range                     tolerance:

 Grade       Specification(φmm)       Working Temperature Range          ToleranceSpecial              0.1                                      1400-1800                                   ≤±0.128%t      1           0.1;0.25;0.5                               1200-1800                                   ≤±0.25%t      2          0.1;0.25;0.5                                1200-1800                                   ≤±0.50%t

4.  General instruction of products and cautions in use:

a.       The positive pole is either WRe3 or WRe5; The negative pole is either WRe25 or WRe26.

b.      Temperature point: When the cold junction temperature is at 0, the temperature of the hot junction is at                     10010001200140016002000; the EMF value of the φ0.1mm wire is calibrated at the Palladium(Pd) melting point,let q(Pd)=1554,we use purity Platinum melting point to calibrate theφ0.1mm wire in a form test, let q(Pt)=1769.

c.       Uniformity: the non-uniform electromotive force of the single pole thermocouple wire, from head to heel, should ≤±40 mv at     1200.

d.      Ductility: After stable anneal, the thermocouple wire can wrap itself six circles without cleavage.

e.       Supply condition: the thermocouple wire is supplied after stable anneal, its silvery white color.

f.        Hot junction weld: Make the positive and negative pole of the wire in order, use forceps to nip the wire and heating upon an alcohol burner. After twisting 3-5 circles, use an argon arc to weld into a ball shape.

g.       The W/Re thermocouple bare wire can be used for a long time only in vacuumargon and inert atmosphere; it can not be used in the oxidizing atmosphere for a long time except it is insulated from the air by a shield or heat resistant protection tube.

h.      WRe3-WRe25 thermocouple should match with its special compensating cabletype WC3. There are four kinds of cable, such as bare wireplastic coveredrubber covered and metal shielded wire.

i.       WRe3-WRe25 thermocouple should match with the Type D calibration indicator to monitor the temperature. Now in China there are more than ten factories making many types of the indicator.

    j.  Outer protection tube for the φ0.5mm W/Re thermocouple wire

(1)    Molybdenum tubeMocan be used within 2300 in vacuum hydrogen atmosphere and inert atmosphere.

(2)    Molybdenum silicide tubeMosi2or silicode coated molybdenum tube can be used for a long time within 1600 in the air and some corrosive medium.

    k.  Storage of the W/Re thermocouple wire: the wire should be packed in a waterproof and damp-proof bag. For long time storage, it should be put in a dry vacuum glass jar which has silica dryer in it.

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